Why the Topic of Equal Pay for Women has become more Crucial than Ever?

Discrimination against women is nothing new, it has been going one since the dawn of the civilization. The moment it was discovered that a woman can give birth, her society designated role was decided and that was of a nurturer. Though the intention initially was to ensure that a community can grow bigger and stronger by protecting its women at any cost, with time, that intention changed into something different and discriminatory with time. Today, that fight has changed into a battle to secure equal pay for women.

The role designated by the society and how women had to fit in it

To fit women in their role of nurturers, the society decided that they need protection, as they cannot protect themselves. Due to this, the idea of big and strong men looing after fragile and demure women become the norm. So, initially it was unheard of that a woman will go out and work along with men. With time, that thought and practice has changed quite a lot. Over the years, women have been able to fight for and win a considerable number of rights for themselves, but the pay gap has remained.

The beginning of the discrimination

Initially, no one had even realized that such discrimination is being perpetrated against women. A little survey in any industry will reveal that a woman with the same qualification and experience as he male colleague gets paid less. This gap in the payment happens solely based on the gender. It is thought that, as a woman has to look after the household and fulfill a lot of familial responsibilities, she cannot be a dedicated employee like a man. There are questions against her professional capabilities as well. In short, every discrimination happening to a woman is because of her gender.

The change that will help the society

This practice has been going on for too long and should be abolished as soon as possible. It is high time that such a vile thing which is considered as a norm by a considerable number of people, should change. One may think that such claims and demands are being made by women and though that is not entirely wrong, men are also joining the fight. It is also crucial to understand that the change will be beneficial for the society. No civilization can grow better by discriminating against one of half of it.

For the betterment of the society some steps are required

Women are taking on every challenge society and life has been throwing at them and they are proving themselves every day, everywhere and in every task they are given. In such a situation, paying them less just because they belong to a particular gender is derogatory to both them and the society. If a civilization or community needs to prove that it is forward thinking and liberal, then bridging this gap is essential and it should be done immediately.

Things will get better with time

By bridging the gap in payment between men and women, the society will be able to make a solid stride towards a better tomorrow. If this gap is not dealt with right now, then this society cannot brag about becoming modern or liberal in any way. A fundamental defect in the society cannot be allowed to go on for decades. If the world has to make leaps and bounds towards a better tomorrow, gender-based pay gap has to be eliminated immediately.

Why the Topic of Equal Pay for Women has become more Crucial than Ever?

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