Why Gender Equality Between Man and Woman Matters Globally

Gender Equality between men and women is very important in this modern world. There are various organisations around that work to achieve the goal of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. WA Suffragettes Equal Pay works for gender equality between man and woman in Australia. The team organises counselling to educate women on the importance of equality in all sectors of life.

Women and girls represent half of the population in the world and therefore have the half potential. But, if you go deeper, you will find that gender inequality happens everywhere and inhibits the progress of society. In the year 2014, about 143 nations worldwide guaranteed equality between men and women in the Constitution, but 52 are still left to take the initiative.

What Will Happen If Gender Equality Is Not Ensured?

The inequalities faced by the women starts from the beginning of birth and follow them throughout their lifespan. In some of the nations, the girls are even deprived of education, career and nutrition. This can lead to a high mortality rate. As the girls are moving to the adolescence stage, gender discrimination expands. Child marriage is quite common in many parts of the world as compared to boys. Globally, 15 million or more girls under the age of 18 years are getting married each year, which is somewhat 37,000 per day. Married at an early age not only affects the physical development of the girl but also affects her education. Almost 1/3rd of the countries have not yet achieved gender equality in education.

How The Gender Inequality Does Affect Women?

One of the major areas where women or girls face gender inequality is in the field of education. They are not getting proper access to the education results in a lack of skills and limited chances in the labour market. If a country wants to expand and experience economic growth, it should prioritise gender equality. It also helps in promoting social development. Even the full participation of women in the labour market can add points to the national growth rate; the digit might be double in some of the cases.

What to Do To Fix Such Gender Equality Issues?

As a girl or a woman in Australia, you should empower yourself and also other women around you. Make them realise that gender equality is very important, both at home and in the workplace. If you want to join an organisation or a women’s party, you can trust WA Suffragettes Equal Pay that fights for gender equality and women empowerment in Australia.

Why Gender Equality Between Man and Woman Matters Globally

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