Things Domestic Violence Experts are Saying About Women’s Safety

It is an incredibly dangerous situation when a woman tries to escape her abuser or reaches out for help. In such scenarios, it is significant for her to access the required help. Even though the latest funding commitments are distributed, the services would still not be resourced to help everyone who requires it. The experts have raised a concern regarding:

  • That there will be many women who won’t get access to the ‘safe at home programs.’ In other words, they will be left between fleeing and wishing to find homelessness services or stay trapped at home with the abuser. Today, women in many regions cannot access the ‘safe at home programs’ that offer security, protection orders, and support. So many will remain trapped in a perilous atmosphere with their abuser. There should be more scopes of uplifting such women with jobs working with domestic violence victims to help others in the same situation.
  • Furthermore, it is beyond Crisis Accommodation Services to offer physical shelter for those fleeing unsafe homes. Also, there is a lack of specialist staff to provide fast safety management assistance to those facing safety risks.
  • In the case of Family Violence Prevention Legal Services, the culturally safe service and specialist for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victim/survivors of family violence, especially women and their children, cannot find the help they should be receiving.
  • Even the community legal services cannot meet the existing unmet needs. These are services on which women rely on for safety and security from abusive partners and toxic relationships.

The legal system should be prioritizing safety

Not only during the Covid 19 pandemic, but even before that, systematic failures in the judicial system showed that women and children facing domestic violence were not receiving the needed protection. Moreover, they were dealing with a legal system that was increasing their risk than decreasing it. The law institutions like police and courts must consider children’s and women’s safety at the top of their agenda. Also, the government needs to improve the AVO standards for holding perpetrators accountable and stop escalating violence. We are also forgetting that economic dependence is another barrier to escaping domestic violence. The loss of jobs during the pandemic has made leaving a violent partner even more difficult.

Although a little progress is being seen when the urgent COVID 19 family law list allowed quicker resolution of high-risk parenting cases, the family law system still forces kids into care facilities with abusive parents. It is significant to get rid of the presumption of shared parental responsibility so that the legal system can focus on making decisions based on the child’s best interests.

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Things Domestic Violence Experts are Saying About Women’s Safety

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