The Ways to Help Make Gender Equality Reality in The Family

Gender equality within the four walls of a home or within the family is the key to achieving it across society. We must all intensify our efforts to make the gender equality issue a reality in our families, and around the world. The seeds of right actions are always sown at home. When individuals in their own families can take small yet defining steps to ensure equal rights to both the men and women of the household, they can achieve equilibrium in society.

Nurture a culture of gender-neutral household

The families or households are the small units that together comprise of the society in general. Therefore, every home must inculcate a culture of the gender-neutral state of affairs so that no stereotypes or gender biases can crop up. From the daily tasks of a household to every crucial decision-making process within the household, all should solely contribute towards creating a gender-equal mindset.

Men can take an equal share in household activities

Most of the times it is seen that it is women who share a majority of the household responsibility like preparing food, cleaning, washing, caring for the aged family members, little ones, pets etc. At the same time, men are limited only to be the bread-earner who is not entrusted with these responsibilities. This makes women work more compared to the 9-5 jobs of men and yet do it without being paid because it is, after all, something they are ‘doing it for their family’, the common misconception around it!

Equal responsibilities of raising children

It is a very usual sight to see women giving up their full-time jobs to take care of their children. While the role of a mother in the formative years of a child’s growth is undeniable, fathers are hardly seen doing the same. This makes women give up their economic activities or jobs and sit at home taking care of the child. Simultaneously, this again leads women to lag behind and become financially dependent on their partners. Thus, economic independence, which is one of the most decisive factors influencing the gender equality issue, becomes a cause of concern.

Equal rights of women when it comes to decision-making

It is often observed that most of the crucial decision-making responsibilities in the family lie on the shoulders of the men in the household. While some cases do take into account a woman’s opinion on the same, most often fail to do so. That is also mainly because when it comes, to decision-making women are considered far less important than man, another cause behind the grim inequalities faced by women. By involving women in all crucial decision-making, an environment of gender equality can be created within the household, which will consequently transform society in the long run.

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The Ways to Help Make Gender Equality Reality in The Family

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