The Current State Of Gender Equality in Australia- The Truth

It has been about three decades since the Sex Discrimination Act became active in Australia, but the nation is still struggling for gender equality. In this nation, gender inequality is quite common, men and women do not get the equal respect in the society, and the statistical data is revealing that. As per the Australian Human Rights Commission, a woman gets about 15% less average full-time weekly wage than a man. This means, in Australia, a woman has to work more 56 days to get the same pay in a year. At the end of the financial year 2016, the average superannuation balance for men was about $27,000, which was double to that of women which were $157,000.

Hence, the struggle to achieve gender equality between man and woman is going on, and the women are now fighting for their rights, which are very important. Keeping all the figures aside, women suffer from discrimination in the workplace. It is seen that half of the mothers in the offices have reported facing discrimination for pregnancy and parental leave. Additionally, women were also dismissed, moved to another position or redundant as for being pregnant or having a baby. The gender inequality also prevails in the domestic ground. However, due to various organisations who are fighting for women equality and the same respect, the situation is quite changing but at a very slow pace.

The number of women on the board of ASX-Listed companies grew from about 8% to 26% from 2009 to 2017. Even 89% of men believe that men should get involved in parenting. Many women are also taking up the fight for gender equality in Australia. The Equality Rights Alliance of ERA, one of the largest Australian network works “for women’s equality, women’s leadership and recognition of women’s diversity”. Apart from this agency, WA Suffragettes Equal Pay also works for women equality and equal pay in Australia. As per this organisation, gender equality between men and women should be given importance, and it should be reflected in all sections of work, household to jobs.

Even various counselling and workshops are made where women participate, and they can share their thoughts on gender equality and how they cope up with inequality in the workplace and home. The women stand by themselves, and they bring out the best solutions for themselves. It is the high time for the women should come ahead and fight for gender equality. They should take help from such organisations that are working on this issue. The influence of such organisations is needed much.

The Current State Of Gender Equality in Australia- The Truth

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