The Crucial Things Employers Can do to Improve Gender Equality in the Workplace

Despite the advancements that have been made at different points in improving gender equality in workplaces, female workers are still paid a lot less than their male counterparts. Women continue to be still underrepresented in senior management roles despite a plethora of programs for gender equality.

While discrimination and unequal pay is something unacceptable, the facts show that there are still tremendous obstacles in equal opportunities for women. Employers play a vital role in overcoming and eliminating these hurdles in their workforces.

By introducing the following simple practices, employers can work towards creating a gender-equal workplace.

Remove the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap can only persist if a culture of secrecy exists within a company. A dominant culture of transparency needs to be commenced, which will facilitate a company to investigate the gender pay gap and stop asking candidates, particularly females, what they were paid for their last job. Instead of it, each position should have a pay bracket that outlines the salary for that role.

Re-evaluate job qualifications for the senior positions

In the case of those workplaces not hiring women for senior-level roles, they should identify what barriers have prevented them from doing so. That doesn’t also mean the requirements for the position need to be modified, but asking if 15 years of experience in management is required when just ten years may suffice is a positive step. Companies should also consider whether including other diverse types of experience that broadens the pool of applications is equally beneficial to the position or not.

Creating facilities for work/life balance for employees

The gender pay gap is widening among working mothers as they are effectively suffering a pay penalty for taking their time off to devote it at home. One of the most significant hurdles that presently prevent women from reaching the zenith of their career is the lack of available and adequate childcare support. Parental leave for fathers should also be fully encouraged to relieve working mothers, as this will not only facilitate mothers to invest more time into their careers, but fathers can also be more actively involved in childcare duties.

Harassment needs to be identified and stopped promptly

At some point in their careers, one in every four women has been subjected to harassment at the workplace. Management, therefore, has a responsibility to ensure they step in early and timely to both identify and stop harassment, but unfortunately, in many cases, such instances of it happening are often ignored. Suppose there are any signs of harassment taking place within your workplace. In that case, no matter how big or small – you need to get rid of it immediately and ensure a proper process is implemented to prevent such issues from happening again.

At WA Suffragettes Equal Pay, you can work with us to create gender equality and work towards creating a more inclusive society.

The Crucial Things Employers Can do to Improve Gender Equality in the Workplace

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