Should You Pursue a Career as a Support Officer for Domestic Violence Victims? Find Out More!

Domestic violence is a problem that seems to be plaguing every stratum of society in different countries of the world. Statistics reveal that the figures are rising every day, making it a need of the hour to have trained and skilled caregivers who can take care of the victims. Many often think that jobs working with domestic violence victims may not be very high-earning ones. However, those who want to make a real difference in the society barring aside just the monetary aspect, through their efforts and services can opt for it. It is indeed a fulfilling career with a noble cause ahead. After all, it takes a special person, one with compassion, love, grit, resilience, and immense courage to be a domestic violence care officer.

Care officers and support staff have a decisive role to play

Imagine, what would happen if a victim of domestic violence dials up a helpline number and there is no one to pick up the call and help! Is it going to help at all? Of course not! It is the victim care officers, support experts and staff who take up each of the individual cases so that they can help the victims to free themselves from the clutches of the perpetrators.

Without them, the victims who are already going through the agonising dark tunnel of domestic violence will land up in a dead-end! Therefore, the support teams and officers dealing with the cases of domestic abuses and sexual offences have a lead role in pulling out and rescuing the victims from their traumatising situations.

A demanding profession with all their hearts for the victims

There is no denying away from the fact that it takes a lot of courage and resilience at the same to take up the job of an officer in jobs working with domestic violence victims. It is demanding and needs the individuals to be prepared for all situations and also have the potential to manage crises or handle emergencies. But, much more beyond it, they need to have a heart that feels the pain of the extremely excruciating circumstance the victims are going through and allow them their space, privacy as well as respect.

Not all victims will open up initially until they feel the warmth and protection of ‘being at home’ while they are speaking with the care officers. It is this sense of security and assurance provided by the support officers because of whom they gain the courage to stand up for themselves or peak against their perpetrators.

Proper training and skills can be instrumental

The support workers of domestic violence must mandatorily be well-trained and skilled. That’s because they might have to handle almost every type of situations at a given point of time. With proper training to treat the emergency medical conditions, use of life support equipment, oxygen cylinders, basic first aid, medication and drug handling as well as expertise in handling legal issues, they can be well-equipped.

Not only, these, they must also be well aware of the legal implications and criminal proceedings required to handle a particular case of domestic abuse and violence. However, apart from these and above all other eligibility conditions, they must be caring, loving and compassionate enough to lend a patient ear and understand the problems the victims might have been going through for years. Thus, with adequate training and experience of working in vulnerable areas of society, you can be incredible support or care officer for the domestic violence survivors.

If you are interested in working in the field of domestic violence rescue and care for the victims, join us at WA Suffragettes Equal Pay for a fulfilling career in this field.

Should You Pursue a Career as a Support Officer for Domestic Violence Victims? Find Out More!

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