Saving Our Jobs

Jobs we are going to lose if we allow algorithms to take over:

Politicians are telling us we have no need to worry about driverless cars, robots and algorithms taking jobs away from us. Most of us know when politicians start telling us not to worry, it is time for us to be concerned.

Jobs create taxes to pay for our social security system. Without jobs there will be no health care, unemployment benefits, free education or family allowance.

Truck drivers are losing their jobs working in the mines and the mine owners say we can drop the price of iron ore, and we can be more competitive globally if we are not paying truck drivers. The truck drivers that were earning over three thousand dollars a week were paying many thousands of dollars in tax, which was paying for our hospitals, schools, and for our unemployment benefits.

Our politicians are telling us not to worry, new technology will provide people with new jobs. When they are asked what new jobs will be created, they say we don’t know.

Jobs we have lost:

How many jobs are we going to lose because of Algorithms?

How many drivers will lose their jobs when driverless cars come on the market?

Drivers of cars, trucks, taxis, delivery vans, and trains will all lose their jobs.

I want to know before hand what these new jobs will be before we give up our drivings jobs I have no resin to trust what a politician tells me do you?

Would you like to help find out how many jobs we have lost because of technology?

Jobs Lost in the past

  1. All bus conductors.
  2. A large number of bank tellers, approximately 70%.
  3. Some supermarket checkout people and many more to follow.
  4. Train drivers taking raw materials from mining sites to the coast in Australia.
  5. Dump truck drivers that were driving big trucks on Australian mine sites.
  6. Receptionists that used to work in business offices. Now you make an appointment online.
  7. Receptionists that used to talk to you. Now it’s push 1 to talk to sales, 2 to talk to car service, 3 to talk to truck service, 4 to talk to the manager.
  8. People filling up your car at a service stations.
  9. Farm labourers, approximately 70 % because bigger tractors and harvesters have

    been made.

  10. Houses and other real estate sold on Facebook and Gumtreee, taking jobs from real estate people.
  11. A smaller number of people working in aircraft while they are in flight.
  12. Call centre jobs have gone over seas.
  13. Remote control trolleys taking food to patients in Fiona Stanley Hospital.
  14. Less people are working on road construction because there has been large increases in the size of trucks and earth moving machinery. No wheel barrow, shovels or hand tools any more.
  15. The same applies to the railways, tens of thousands of jobs lost.
  16. A massive number of people who used to work in factories have lost their jobs because they have been replaced by robots, computers or algorithms.
  17. Tens of thousands of people in Australia and world wide who used to work on cars have been replaced by automated machinery.
  18. Can you tell us what was the highest number of people who worked for Holden in Australia at one time, before Holden started replacing their workers with robots?
  19. Can you tell us the highest number of people who worked for Ford in Australia at one time, before robots?
  20. Can you tell us the highest number of people who worked for Chrysler and Toyota in Australia at one time, and how many jobs were actually created by the technology which replaced them?
  21. Postmen have a reduction in their mail deliveries from five times a week to just two or three.

    Please help us by adding to this list.

A list of permanent Jobs that technology has created:

I can’t think of one permanent job that has been created that is linked to robot’s or algorithms.

Will you please help compile a list of jobs that have been created by robot’s and algorithms?

I would like you to help by adding to the above list of permanent jobs that have been lost because businesses have sacked people, and replaced them with expensive machinery, robots or computers, or a combination of these devices.

  1. An estimated 70% of lawyers will lose their jobs within 15 years because of algorithms.
  2. An estimated 70% of people working for firms that provide financial advice will lose their jobs within 10 years because of algorithms .
  3. National Australia Bank is laying off six thousand workers and replacing them with only two thousand people using computers and algorithms.
  4. Telstra is axing eight thousand jobs.

Our politicians keep telling us there are far more people in jobs now than ever before, but they neglect to tell us there are far more people in Australia now compared to thirty years ago.

Our politicians are saying all people who are professional drivers will lose their jobs to driverless vehicles and we should not worry because technology will replace the jobs that our professional drivers are going to lose. There is no guarantee these new jobs will be created.

I say put the driverless car, bus and train technology back on the shelf, allowing people to keep their current jobs, and give all the new jobs that our politicians are telling us technology is going to create, to people who are unemployed and underemployed.

Text prepared on 6 November , 2018

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