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We fight for gender equality and fixing gender pay gap

There is no running away at all from the fact that women are paid less and suffer from gender pay gap issues. Therefore, we have taken up the responsibility of fixing the gender pay gap and voicing the need to fight for equal pay in workplaces.

In Australia, the gender pay gaps are calculated by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency or WGEA with information derived from the Australian Bureau of Statistics or ABS. It is derived as the variation between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equal earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. Thus, currently, Australia’s national gender pay gap figure stands at 13.9% as of November 2019 meaning that women’s average weekly full-time earnings in different occupations is $1,508.50 compared to $1,751.40 of men’s. 

Fighting for gender equality is the need of the hour

The disparity in economic benefits and gender pay gap is wide-ranging in Australia. In the diverse sectors of industries to mining, healthcare services and construction industries, there is a considerable dissimilarity in the pay of men and women workers. There is also a wider gender pay gap in the different age groups of men and women. All these demands us to stand united and making it our mission to fight for equal pay for equal work in the diverse job market in Australia so that women are not left marginalised.

We work towards creating extensive programs for gender equality so that women get equal opportunities and enjoy rights no less than their male counterparts. By focusing on well-structured plans and targeted actions, we ensure that women get equal access to all resources and rewards, be it any job role or occupation that is based not on their gender but their merit. This will help to bring women to the Australian mainstream and make them a significant contributor to the productive economic, social and political activities. Be a part of our team at WA Suffragettes and work with us in ensuring a life of happiness, prosperity and quality to the Australian women!

My Goals

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