How the World is Operating with Optimism for Future Gender Equality Between Man and Woman?

More than a couple of decades have transpired since the UN’s Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which pledged to take steps to remove the obstacles in the path of achieving gender equality. Despite such pledges and declarations being part of most countries’ government policies, there is a long way to go before gender equality between man and woman can be achieved. At present, the support for gender equality is pretty strong.

Survey conducted and the outcome of the same

A survey conducted across 34 countries by Pew Research Center has revealed that around 94% of the people think that gender equality is vital. They have also opined that women should get as many rights as men in their country. This is an indicator of how the idea and opinion regarding gender equality are changing, albeit at a slower rate than it should. There are various countries where women are more inclined towards gender equality than men. Hence, it is clear that despite the present scenario, there are high hopes for gender equality in the future.

Things are changing for the better

With time more and more are realizing that gender equality is not a threat to men or their way of life; instead, it is a way to bring better balance in society. Women are not rallying for something unusual or illogical. They are only fighting for the right, which should be natural to them and inherent to men. The issue is in the fact that even in this age when modern technology is taking up every aspect of life, women in some places have to ask for fundamental human rights.

Bigotry, misconceptions are still there, but so is hope

People in several countries are still operating under the delusion that having the right to vote and owning property is right enough. They think that allowing women to have a job and professional career, is somewhat equal to giving them rights. They are not even considering the problem with the word “allowing”. Though the situation is changing and more men are becoming aware of the daily issues faced by women. With education and interaction with people worldwide, misconceptions, thoughts, and practices are changing, creating hope for the future.

Today’s fight will bring success tomorrow

Today’s work done by women fighting for gender equality and rights will take some time to fruition, and the future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits of this. Moreover, the support for gender equality and women’s rights is snowballing. If the trend continues with the same speed and same vein, the future will only get better. This is the optimism the world is operating under presently, and this will go a long way in restoring the balance in this society.

How the World is Operating with Optimism for Future Gender Equality Between Man and Woman?

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