How Domestic Violence in Australia Is Inseparable In Masculine Society

Domestic violence happens when a family member or partner attempts to physically and mentally dominate or harms the other. As per the data given by the Commonwealth’s Office for Women, domestic violence can happen in various forms like sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical violence, economic deprivation, intimidation and also giving threats of violence. This societal curse is common in various parts of Australia and among smaller groups. It is much more common in indigenous communities in rural Australia.

For this reason, domestic violence counselor jobs are quite common in the country. Organisations are set up that work for women safety. They provide counselling services where women can share their experiences on domestic violence issues and how to tackle them properly.

What Do You Know About the Current Condition in Australia?

Most of the cases of domestic violence are unreported. Thus it is quite difficult to measure the true extent and severity of the issue. As per the study conducted in 1998 by Carlos Carcach described in the ‘Reporting Crime’ to the Police, most of the domestic assaults done against the women where the victim knows the offender were unreported. The best data available till date about the violence that women face in Australia is taken from 1996 ABS publication named as “Women’s Safety Survey” and the more recent is the ABS “Personal Safety Survey” 2005 that surveyed both men and women, This survey asked women about their experiences on domestic violence, and they said that-

  1. About 5.8% of the victims had experienced domestic violence within the 12 months after the survey in 2005 compared to 7.1% in 1996.
  2. 4.7% of women go through physical violence in 2005 compared to 5.9% in 1996, and 1.6% had gone through sexual violence compared to 1.5% in 1996.
  3. Among women who experienced sexual assault during 12 months before the 2005 survey, 21% had gone through domestic violence by her ex-partner in the recent cases and 40% from a family member or friend.
  4. The 2005 survey also declared that the women who experienced physical assault 12 months before their current or previous male partner physically tortured the survey.

Even the professionals also tried to find a relationship between domestic violence and homicides. In the “Homicide between Intimate Partners in Australia,” Carcach and James from the AIC (Australian Institute of Criminology) say that the domestic violence is one of the major factors that can lead to lethal violence. The data goes on like this-

  • On average, there are about 130 family homicides in Australia each year, and 77 families are related to domestic disputes.
  • The killing rate between the partners/spouses accounts to about 60% of the family homicides in Australia, where women accounts to about 75% of the victims and men are the killers.

Thus, the domestic violence issue is quite prevalent in Australia and reforms should be made to control this issue. WA Suffragettes Equal Pay is an organisation in Australia that fights for women empowerment, equality and domestic violence. It organises counselling sessions where women discuss their needs and want and how they fight against this domestic assault.

How Domestic Violence in Australia Is Inseparable In Masculine Society

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