Have We Done Enough to Fix Gender Pay Gap Issues Even in The 21st century?

The gender pay gap is a long-standing issue that seems to have a perpetual narrative even today when both men and women have accomplished in almost all spheres of life. Practically in all countries of the world, that despite all the debates and discussions and advocates of feminism always echoing the need for equal pay for women, it seems like a dream too far. There is denying the fact that fixing the gender pay gap is something indispensable that needs to be addressed.

Gender pay gap issues still exist

The biggest and the most alarming thing about the gender pay gap is that it still exists. Despite all developments and technological advancements we have witnessed as a civilization, we haven’t succeeded in eliminating it. In Australia, the national gender pay gap is at 13.9% of November 2019, which needs to be brought down to zero. In recent times, men and women do the same jobs and are no longer inferior or superior to one another, but the problem of unequal pay still exists.

The bigger picture is that women continue to get paid less for work; she does no less than her male counterparts. It also has significant implications for other critical aspects of gender inequality like retirement incomes, superannuation, wealth holdings, and housing.

Eliminating gender pay gaps is much beyond just equal pay

It needs to be understood that gender pay gaps highlight the unbelievable discrimination that seems to plague the societal mindset even today. It reflects the old and, unfortunately, a systemic societal undervaluing of women’s contributions in workplaces. Such lack of appreciation for a female worker’s contributions in the diverse fields of work depicts the significant hurdle that leads to the under-representation of women in the cream de la cream positions in organizations with higher management roles and responsibilities.

Ensuring equal pay for men and women in the workplace calls for a complete paradigm shift that holistically values women’s contributions. The objective thus shifts from merely advocating her equal salaries and remuneration to creating an environment where the mindset of society and its way of functioning also changes.

Concerted action is the need of the hour

Several international bodies have vouched for fixing the gender pay gap for women time and again. The goal of achieving equal pay for women is crucial that even institutions like the UN, the International Labor Organization, or ILO have envisaged its need. In its framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UN has emphasized the necessity of equal pay for equal work.

Despite their evident simplicity, what is disturbing is to find out that the estimates of the gender pay gap are often controversial and full of mismatches and discrepancies. It happens because the figures vary primarily in the same country over a given point of time may change. Sometimes these discrepancies also occur due to the lack of standardized parameters and techniques to estimate it. Thus, the gender pay gap goes ignored time and again, and to eliminate it, a lot needs to be done even now.

Join us at WA Suffragettes Equal Pay to work towards creating environments and putting in place systems that value a woman’s work as equal to men and offer them equal pays and economic benefits.

Have We Done Enough to Fix Gender Pay Gap Issues Even in The 21st century?

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