Gender Equality: Significance and Reasons Behind its Need

The issue of gender equality is of immense importance in the present times. Gender equality is ensured when people of all genders enjoy equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities. Everyone is impacted by gender inequality. From women to men, transgender and gender diverse people, children as well as families, every sphere of life seems to be affected by it. The gender equality impacts can also be observed on people of diverse ages and backgrounds, which is hugely critical in highlighting that the issue needs to be handled urgently.

Gender inequality is widespread

It is also essential to understand that ensuring gender equality will also help prevent violence against women and girls as well as achieve economic prosperity. Societies that value women and men as equal, where the rights and responsibilities of all genders are the same are safer and healthier to reside in. Gender equality is, therefore, a human right from which everyone in the society can benefit. What is also most interesting to note is that gender inequality affects everyone, including men.

The stereotypes that create a superficial mask about how women and men, including girls and boys, should be in their childhood and follow some set norms to reach adulthood, everything is discriminating. Although not everyone experiences the same type of inequality, the situation is worse and often diverse for individuals who face multiple types of discrimination.

Gender parity can be instrumental in boosting productivity

The society has to accept gender parity as the only remedy to ensure that productivity prevails in all spheres of economic activity. By introducing policies that are meant to treat all genders equal in terms of rights, opportunities and responsibilities, equilibrium can be created.

Workplaces that do not distinguish between a male employee from a female employee, promotions and rewards that are not gender-biased can go a long way in creating prolific organizations. When merit, potential, intelligence and skills become the only parameters of determining the roles and responsibilities in organizations, gender parity will become a reality, and the gender equality problem will no longer exist.

It also needs to be remembered that gender biases and unequal treatments meted out to the different genders are the roots behind gender violence cases where the perpetrators are often males, and the victims are females.

The disparity in higher job roles

One alarming aspect of gender inequality is the disturbing rate at which women often fail to make through to the top managerial positions. Also, women are usually deemed incompetent to perform in job roles that demand higher work hours and prolonged presence. While practically there is no difference between what women and men can do, such demarcation often pushes women to the lower income bracket where less important job roles are considered more suitable for them. This creates a vast economic disparity leading most women to leave their jobs and be forced to compromise to sustain in their professional arena. Also, since the age-old responsibility of raising a family often falls entirely on the shoulders of women, job roles that are accommodating to such needs are hard to be found. Thus, invariably, women are subjected to disparity, deprivation and often to succumb to mental health issues as well as in worst cases often quitting their professions for good.

Gender inequality is the biggest hurdle to create a healthy society congenial for individuals irrespective of any gender to survive peacefully. If you are facing this issue or want us to help you create a gender biased-free work environment, contact us at WA Suffragettes Equal Pay.

Gender Equality: Significance and Reasons Behind its Need

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