Gender Equality in the Workplace: Organic Ways to Make a Difference

If you area business owner or run an establishment that employs both males and females, you can’t deny the importance of creating a gender-neutral way of work. Creating a work environment where men and women both become an integral part of the key decision-making processes, and each gets their due recognition, can help businesses prosper holistically. Gender equality in the workplace is thus of paramount importance in recent times.

What does gender equality in workplace mean?

Equality is the fair treatment of people despite their gender, race, religion, disability, nationality, age, or sexual orientation. At the workplace, equality means ensuring people are given equal opportunities, equal pay, and are accepted very well for their differences with an environment conducive enough to feel secure, happy, and comfortable. It signifies that a workplace must be welcoming and accommodating for all its employees and shouldn’t evoke discriminatory practices in any manner. Though business organizations often boast of creating healthy work cultures that are friendly enough for both men and women, the truth is far from reality. Had it been so, most women would not have landed upon the lowest income brackets or have left their jobs.

Embracing equality indeed differs from following legislations

Many business organizations take pride in following gender-neutral laws and legislations on papers and not doing enough actually to ensure it in their workplaces. Acknowledging legislations and practicing them full-fledged are two different things. Imagine, a workplace where most job roles are so designed that only males get the opportunity to get high paid jobs females to end up getting the low paid ones, can they take pride in claiming that they do have a system of appointing females as employees too? Does it make sense anyway?

Modifying hiring practices to make them diverse

By introducing a diversified process of hiring new talents, companies and business organisations may recruit employees. Such a diversified hiring process helps recruit individuals irrespective of their gender and all other differences making it happen for both men and women to reap equal benefits right from the beginning. It has been found out that organisations with higher gender diversity ratios often outperform those with the least. But unfortunately, most businesses fail to recognise it, which becomes one of the most prominent reasons why men often dominate most technology-oriented job roles. At the same time, women are left only for support-service related jobs.

Making employment gaps negligible for women

Gender equality in the workplace will continue to be a dream when organic practices of accommodating employment gaps do not exist. It happens most of the time that women often have employment gap issues due to motherhood and responsibilities of taking care of the dependant family members. Women are also entrusted with the responsibilities of raising children and taking care of their households. It is quite natural that she might take off from her job to look after her family in such situations. But, living in a patriarchal society, this is not the case of a man. Hence, in the circumstances, for instance, where a male and a female employee both started their careers simultaneously, the female might end up managing her home and children while the male would be climbing up the ladder in his professional career. Such situations can be avoided if workplaces do not consider employment gaps as the primary reason of selecting or rejecting an employee.

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Gender Equality in the Workplace: Organic Ways to Make a Difference

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