Finding Out Ways to Get Rid of Gender Pay Gap in Diverse Sectors of Work

The pay gap is one of those persistent inequality issues between women and men that continue to haunt even till today. Despite debates and discussion around the topic of the gender pay gap and some countries also going to the extent of bringing about legislation in place, this disparity still lingers on. In trying to find out what is being done about the gender pay gap, it is observed that professionals in diverse fields of work witness presently and so efforts to get rid of it are the need of the hour.

Gendered job roles lead to disparity in paycheque

The different sectors of the economic activities have showcased a wide-ranging difference between the remunerations received by male and female workers. Although we do see comparatively more women working in traditionally male-dominated jobs and professions, like engineering, construction, IT, banking, and finance, gender biases are still natural surrounding specific other industries. For instance, traditionally considered ‘female jobs’, like childcare and teaching, have more women than men and remunerate notably less on average, than more male associated job roles like bankers as well as labour-based skilled trades.

Can we expect a change in the scenario?

Although at present, employers aren’t legally required to build specific, measurable and time-bound action plans to eliminate their pay gaps. Unfortunately, researches have shown that what is being done about the gender pay gap is far from complete success. Research has proven that very few employers have so far committed themselves to undertake specific measures to trim down their gender pay gaps and to set pre-decided deadlines for making progress. For this reason, every employer must introduce guidelines to ensure that only merit is what that matters to get paid more. If a female employee has proven her metal compared to her male counterparts, she must be deemed suitable for a promotion or pay rise.

Flexible and accommodating work environments can help

The various kinds of work environments must provide flexibility to female workers and become accommodating to understand their family responsibilities. Workplaces that have flexible working environments and arrangements give women the chance to continue working and progress in their respective careers even after they give birth to children and have family responsibilities. Such facilities include benefits like flexible working hours, working from home, and shared duties. The biggest and the most critical aspect of eradicating gender pay gaps is that there is no demand for higher or more benefits for women than men in the workplaces but tat of equal remuneration. Therefore, with such flexible working conditions, men could also gain an advantage.

Introducing mandatory practices and legislative guidelines

It needs to be understood that without mandatory practices and legal policies putting those guidelines in place, achieving pay equality for both the genders is not possible. Introducing measures that guide right from the recruitment process to the entire course of a candidate’s tenure in an organisation can play a crucial role. Such measures ensure that no recruitment decisions rely on gender stereotypes, and both males and females get equal exposure to moving forward in their careers.

Creating a work environment free from the gender pay gap is challenging but not at all impossible. We at WA Suffragettes Equal Pay can help you do it so that you can contribute to our efforts to create a gender bias-free society.

Finding Out Ways to Get Rid of Gender Pay Gap in Diverse Sectors of Work

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