Fight for gender equality : a challenging battle that demands concerted efforts of every individual in society

Gender inequality issues are one of the grave problems that almost every woman face in society today. Although there are significant advances that seem to move towards a world of gender equality, there are still miles to go. A world of gender parity can only be accomplished with the active participation of all genders in society. In a patriarchal society, hardly do men think of women’s rights. So it becomes inevitable to raise your voice against it, making women keep fighting for gender equality in different stages of their lives.

The struggle to achieve gender equality encompasses almost every section of society, and it would, therefore, take the concerted action of the society as a whole to eradicate it. While there is no denying that it is going to be quite challenging, yet some simple steps starting from our homes, workplaces and even simple conversations can go a long way in creating a gender-equal society.

In your homes

Our homes are the breeding grounds where the future of the society takes shape and is the first realm in which both adults and children interact, engage and live closely with each other. The spoken words, habits, customs, ways of addressing gender notions as well as practices are shaped here initially because most of the times, children learn what they see. Promoting a culture of shared household responsibilities, equal parenting as well as valuing one another can help children develop the notions of equality rights and duties at a tender age.

A household where the women are treated no less equal than men and have an equal say in all decisions including the monetary and economic ones can help in creating a gender-balanced mindset of the children which will eventually help in dealing with it as they grow up. Such children can grow up to be matured and balanced individuals who believe in gender equality and practice it too.

Workplaces or professional spheres

Gender parity is something so rampant even in workplaces that most women are left underpaid and often unrecognized because of the contributions they make. It is widely observed that men get paid more in comparison to a woman who is probably in the same position and has the same set of responsibilities. Moreover, the distribution of work in offices or during recruitment is often based on gender inequality, and women end up getting paid less with part-time or less critical jobs that require less presence. This is more so when a woman has entered motherhood and has the additional responsibility of taking care of her family. Such pertinent issues and extremely grave situations have led most equal rights activists to continue fighting for gender equality to create a workplace where merit and not gender decides how much one is going to get paid.

Creating forums and meaningful platforms of conversation

It is vital that issues concerning gender equality, gender stereotypes and discourses that surround it, find an essential place in society. The more people have meaningful dialogues that address these issues, shed the inhibitions concerning it and take a resolute action to prevent them, it will start ringing in the consciousness of the leaders too. Encouraging fellow women to speak up against gender inequality issues that are plaguing them either in their homes or offices can also be another way out. It also needs to be understood that gender inequality also forces women to be at times the victims of sexual abuse and violence too. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to address gender inequality issues on a humane level to wipe it off forever.

If you are interested in working closely towards creating a gender-equal society, where a woman is not left humiliated, underpaid and deprived, get in touch with us at WA Suffragettes Equal Pay to work closely for this cause.

Fight for gender equality : a challenging battle that demands concerted efforts of every individual in society

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