Empowering Women and Girls in Australia through Gender Equality Programs

Women and girls face the brunt of poverty. Most of the time, women face violence, and girls miss out on going to school. Many women worldwide and mainly in Australia do not have secure jobs, paid work, and die while giving birth and pregnancy. Even they are forced to have early marriages at a young age, gender norms and general attitudes make women vulnerable to various injustice norms. Thus, to save women and young girls, various Programs for gender equality have been initiated to protect and save their lives.

Women face an unfair share of household work; even they do not have access to the important skills to help them play a role to free the community from poverty. Several organisations develop programs and workshops that help create a world that will provide equal rights to women and girls. The support will not be centralised within Australia but will also work for the women living any other nation to get equal opportunity in all life sectors.
The Facts You Should Know-

  1. 60% of the working poor are women
  2. 90% of the countries have at least 1 law that reflects the indiscrimination of women
  3. 1 out of 5 women is a victim of rape or attempted to rape in her lifetime
  4. 1 out of 9 girls in the developing nations is forced to get married before they are 15
  5. In every sector, women do the bulk unpaid work like caregiving and household chores.

Why Is Women and Girl Empowerment Needed?

Indeed, we cannot overcome poverty until all people are getting equal rights and opportunities. This is why several social and women welfare organisations like WA Suffragettes Equal Pay are putting women and girls at the heart of the work. It is seen that women are healthier and more educated than men. When women earn money, they invest the money in the health and education of their kids. When one single woman escapes from poverty, she will bring 4 others out from the same situation.

Why Is Gender Equality Important In Australia?

Gender equality between men and women in every sector results to a nation, that will come together to be productive and powerful as much as possible. This also means that women and men have equal rights and opportunities, and both enjoy the importance of economic independence. But, Australia is a way to go to provide equal opportunities to both men and women. Gender equality should be everywhere, at the workplace, at the household, and in all society sections. Gender equality not only helps in identifying the values of women but also lets them feel prioritized. It is very important to educate the community about the importance of gender equality. More and more women should come forward and share their thoughts and experiences to bring a change.

WA Suffragettes Equal Pay works for the development of women in Australia. It organises various workshops and seminars where women can join, share their experiences, and take the initiative to fight against gender inequality.

Empowering Women and Girls in Australia through Gender Equality Programs

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