Domestic Violence & Illegal Drugs

Women Men and domestic violence
Women with anger in their eyes

If a women is a victim of domestic violence or sexual abuse then she has a good reason to look at me or any of my male friends as if we are a low form of life. I do not like women looking at me as if I have dun something evel this is why I am going to try and drastically reduce domestic violence in our couture.

To try to improve the way some women must think of me and some of my male friends I have decided to open a domestic violence workshop I will be asking women who have been a victim of domestic violence what they want dun to bring about change and to put an end to this blag domestic violence.

I am looking for was that women can be helped and I am looking for women who have had a loved one murdered if you have had a daughter sister or a friend murdered and you would like to put yourself foreword to be a candidate for a woman’s political part then I would like you to contact me.

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