A Detailed Guide to Gender Equality in Australia in 2020

When you are talking about gender equality in 2020, you must understand the state of gender equality in Australia. In actuality, gender inequality shows how people lead a much outdated life in a society where men and women cannot enjoy equal rights. This post will offer you insight into gender equality, its importance in contemporary times, Australian laws, and gender equality statistics.

Gender equality

As the terms suggests, it refers to the equal treatment of all genders. In other words, all the genders will enjoy equal rights, same opportunities, protection and responsibilities. Gender inequality is generally affected by experiences and attitudes in workplaces situated in regions where there are no strict gender equality laws. That is why fighting for gender equality is essential in Australia because it allows for a safer and healthier community living.

A society that advocates a gender equal world, would see:

  • Acknowledgment of the value of unpaid and domestic work
  • Equal admission to economic resources such as financial services, inheritance, and natural resources
  • Equal admission to education for girls and boys
  • Equal representation of women in leadership positions in workplaces and politics
  • No discrimination against women and girls
  • No gendered violence.

Importance of gender equality

It is needless to say that gender equality is a human right. Moreover, almost all human rights include ban of gender discrimination. At the same time, the accomplishment of gender equality in society is a great way to save the lives of women and girls. It surely can play a noteworthy role in the life expectancy of women and girls. It is particularly evident in higher death rates during and after natural disasters, in the uneven gendered effects of climate change, and medical bias.

As said before, the UN agrees that gender equality is nothing less than a foundation stone of a peaceful society that will also ensure sustainable development. It needs to be understood that women and girls make up half of the world’s population, which means half of the world’s potential. Hence, recognizing their role and contributions is essential for every one of us to progress as a global community. We cannot ignore the fact that achieving gender equality will have a significant good influence in your economy. Not only would it lead to more jobs, but also more GDP simultaneously. These two factors are the essential parts of our economic strength, and achieving them would reduce poverty, higher life expectancy, and improved quality of life.

Gender equality laws in Australia

The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women was signed by Australia in 1983. It was a commitment to promote gender equality in Australia via laws, policies, structures, organizations, and attitudes that work towards ensuring gender equality. After that, the country also introduced the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 that banned sex discrimination and offer protection to people from sexual orientation, intersex status, relationship status, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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A Detailed Guide to Gender Equality in Australia in 2020

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